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Eddesbury is privately owned, and as such, any visits without permission from the owner would be on private property. There appears to have been many attempts to gain access to the building in the past from individuals and it is always a double edged sword of being thankful that people have gained access to the building to bring out its inner beauty, one always is fearful of the damage caused by gaining access from those undesirables who would have little consideration for the beauty and historical architecture.
However, we are pleased to bring you some images on Eddesbury that have been sourced from ‘urban exploration’ people who have accessed the building on previous occasions. Without these images, no one would be able to see the stunning work that James Francis Doyle did on the building, and yet it gives an insight in to the present condition of the building. 

These images appeared on e-bay (at £20 each!) and they were ‘borrowed’ because of the importance of the images. They show a newly build Eddesbury and the images are taken in 1889 showing the Latham family in and around the grounds of the building. A grand structure!

These images are a selection of the interior before the first fire took hold. One can easily see the beauty of the building and the classic James Francis Doyle style. At this stage, the building could have been easily converted from 2016, but most of the interior has been lost in the fire and the building being open to the elements.

These are external images and show the building before the main fire took hold in 2022. It is classic James Francis Doyle and needs to be restored to its former glory!

Below shows the sad remains of the upper floors having been lost in the fire of 2022. (Image taken from youtube screengrab)

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